In today’s era, there is an absolute necessity of being able to understand and communicate in English all around the globe. This does not imply forgetting or giving less importance to local languages like Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, etc, but English has become a common medium to communicate between people belonging to vibrant cultures, varied religions as well as different nations. English has also been appointed as the second national language in India as it meets the requirements of the modern world. 

An English-medium education system is the one that uses English as the primary medium of instruction. In many states throughout the world, where English is not the predominant language, there are English medium schools. Also, in higher education, due to the recent trend towards internationalization, an increasing number of degree courses, that too particularly at the master’s level are being taught through the medium of English. 

English medium schools in Ahmedabad are gaining popularity throughout India as urban middle -class Indians, who feel that English is the global language, and send their children to such schools. With ICSE and CBSE schools admission starting, the demand in english medium schools has been quite high in Ahmedabad.

English Medium Schools in Ahmedabad provide kids with an edge since they begin learning and communicating in English at a very young age. It is also beneficial to start early because when young, one is not so hesitant and afraid of making a mistake or speaking incorrectly in front of others. Therefore, starting early gives the students enough time to learn, falter and correct their mistakes, the same way they do with their respective mother tongues. It has also been scientifically proven that the ability to learn a new language is most at a young age. Children are comfortable with the language they pick at an early age and they also often tend to think in the language which is introduced to them early in life. To progress in career, both written and spoken English beholds importance. 

Developing a strong English base

To ensure this, children learn both speaking as well as writing in English and entire communication is taught in English. Learning English only as a subject and on the contrary learning all subjects in English has a huge and significant difference. With learning English only as a subject, the child’s association with the language is less, which cuts out the scope of learning. But studying in an English medium school, the exposure to the language is greater, students tend to become more comfortable and confident with the language. In English medium schools, children are encouraged to communicate in English with both teachers and their peers. This practice not only helps elevate one’s scope to learn English but also reduces the whole process of first thinking in mother tongue and then translating that to English and communicating. When children begin to think and at the same time be able to communicate in English, their base becomes stronger and their knowledge in return widens. 

Broadens horizons of learning 

Proficiency in English provides access to the world of entertainment. Innumerable books, novels, films, music etc are produced in English every year. It can open doors to a whole world of entertainment and understanding of vibrant cultures and religions. In future, whichever stream the student wishes to pursue, knowledge of English is mandatory. The modern form of education is incomplete without knowledge of English. In order to communicate and be at par with the rest of the world, the first and foremost language that stands common in English. With English, students can remain involved with everything that’s happening all across the globe. 

Your child can apply for english medium ICSE or CBSE School admission, as this is the time when admissions open for all schools.

Respecting and encouraging communication in mother tongue is undoubtedly beneficial, but the child should also be equally encouraged and provided with the opportunity to be able to learn English so as to compete in the modern world and leave a mark for themselves! 

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