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Why men loss his Intimacy life?

What can all be the loss of libido in men?

Do you stop having love? Are you slowly noticing that you don’t feel like it anymore as you did years ago? Do you even mind if your partner doesn’t want 2 weeks, because you don’t feel like it either? Is the loss of libido in men average, or is it an unusual condition that you should start dealing with immediately? This time, welcome to our next article focusing on the complete or partial loss of libido in men. As incredible as it may seem, this problem can be encountered by you. Why do men lose their libido? What factors affect male libido? What can all be the loss of libido in men? Read on to find out.

Loss of libido in men

Physical libido, or only the desire for love, is an essential human trait that we have inscribed directly in our DNA. Without a passion for love, we would not want to reproduce at all, and thus we would become extinct very quickly as humanity.

However, sometimes there can be a situation where a man loses his libido. In short, he loses his appetite for love. What’s behind it?

Causes of Loss of libido

The causes of libido loss are inexhaustible and, for example, the causes of various diseases, mental health problems, or other problems. The two most essential groups of causes of loss of libido are physical causes and mental causes.

The physical causes of loss of libido cause a loss of appetite for love due to some physical problems, whether it’s a cardiovascular problem, vascular patency problems, diabetes, a s**ually transmitted disease, cancer, flu, a chronic illness, a lack of male hormone, low levels of certain minerals or vitamins in the body, or whatever.

The psychological causes of the loss of libido, in turn, create problems in bed, beginning with the mental discomfort of the man. The affected man is not quite right. He has some mental distress, which consumes him so that he cannot concentrate on anything else, not even love. For example, depression, anxiety, too much stress, overwork, schizophrenia, mental disorders, and more can be blamed.

Both can have such a strong effect on a man that he eliminates him from the regular operation, and thus, libido is lost.

Antidepressants and loss of libido

Here we will make a small detour to drugs that can cause loss of libido. The given physical or mental problem and the medicine or healing process should help the man with the disease or problem.

For example, antidepressants are the most giant scarecrow for male libido. These are drugs that are strong enough that a man can completely take away all his physical appetites. On the other hand, it is necessary.

Until the underlying problem is resolved, in the case of antidepressants of depression, a man cannot function normally and therefore not life naturally and happily. And what is more important – a happy and healthy life or good love?

Unfortunately, a psychologist and psychotherapist in Teplice confirm these adverse effects of antidepressants: Unfortunately, antidepressants also have some side effects, such as loss of libido and reduced arousal. Medicines, but you can’t stop them alone; only your doctor knows why you are taking them and how fast you can stop them. But don’t worry, talk to her about your problem and find a solution together.

Medications and loss of libido

However, antidepressants are not the only drugs that can reduce or completely suppress appetite for love. Similar effects can be caused, for example, by cancer treatment, hormonal treatment, or some strong antibiotics.

Like every drug, medicine, antidepressants have possible side effects. Indigestion (nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea) or dry mouth may occur at the beginning of treatment, and these symptoms usually resolve spontaneously. Other side effects may include weight gain or physical side effects (loss of libido, i.e., interest in love, or erectile or ejaculatory disorders) in some cases. Therefore, it is important to discuss these things with the patient, ask about their possible occurrence, or notify him in advance.

Dislike for love at a young age

Loss of desire for love can occur at any time in a man’s life. It’s not just a question of men after the 50’s or 60’s. Even in the 20th, a young man may lose his desire for love.

Again, physical and mental causes play a significant role in this. In the case of physical causes, we most often talk about a severe illness that “soothes” the young man so much that he can do practically nothing. The most common killer of youthful libido is acute leukemia. As far as psychological causes are concerned, what we have already mentioned above applies here. Depression, anxiety, too much stress, overwork, schizophrenia, mental disorders, and more. This can tear a man out of the reality of everyday life so much that he has practically no mood or appetite for anything, not even love. And it doesn’t matter if the men are 20, 40, or 60.

Psychological causes of loss of appetite for love at a young age

The psyche is such a substantial factor in our lives that it can eliminate classical s**uality, even for several years. In case of any imperfection of physical intercourse, the psychic component is usually present, the so-called psychological superstructure is created.

When does men’s libido loss begin?

As you may have regarded, it is impossible to determine precisely the age at which men would begin to lose their physical libido. There is no such age. Loss of libido can affect both a complete young man at the beginning of his love life and a mature retired man. There is no typical age for loss of love drive.

Treatment of libido loss

And how is such a loss of libido treated? First of all, it is important to be aware of the problem and find its cause. This is a half victory because you know what to focus on in your life and what bothers you.

If there is a physical problem back the loss of libido, you can solve it with targeted treatment. If there is a mental cause to blame, you can start visiting a psychologist and solve your problem with him.

However, the basis of success is just knowing what the dog is buried in. Without it, you will only fight with windmills, and you will never really solve your problem completely. Therefore, do not be afraid and feel free to contact your doctor. Tell him about your problems, describe what bothers you, and don’t be scared to take the first step. This is possibly the most significant thing you can do right now.

Drugs to increase libido

Once you start solving the very problem that causes loss of libido, you can gradually look for something that will increase your desire for love in the first few days. Some countless different drugs and preparations promote the desire for love, from prescription to completely over-the-counter.

Among them, you will find, for example, Fildena 100. Or use natural home remedies that naturally tone the desire for love. It supports physical libido, strengthens a firm erection, and improves performance in bed. It is just such a small helper that will help you keep your erection and desire for love quite naturally and without side effects.

However, never forget with these means that it is essential to solving the very problem that causes you to lose libido in the first place, and only then can you focus on increasing your desire for love. Until then, you will not solve the cause of the problem, but only its consequences.

Natural Remedies to Increase Libido

In addition to the Fildena 100, you can also try the Fildena 150 and Cenforce 150 modalities.

Fildena 100 has a positive effect on the length of physical intercourse, the quality of the erection, and the overall arousal. In some cases, users report prolonging love by as much as 30 minutes. it is therefore intended for everyone who wants to enjoy more extended lovemaking. Take one tablet about 1 hour before the planned love act. The maximum daily dose is 100 mg tablet a day.

On the other hand, Fildena should be used on a long-term, regular, daily basis. This means that you will not only take one pill before the planned love, but you will take two pills regularly, every day, at the same time. Vilitra 20 is used in this way for a long time, for at least three months. It maintains physical situation for a long time, contributes to fertility, has a positive effect on maintaining the reproductive system’s proper function, and tones male. It is suitable for both seniors and mature men who want to prevent problems in bed.

So these are three products that will naturally and painlessly tone your appetite for love. You can take all three medicines to increase your libido. And all three are entirely freely available on the Internet. If you add a solution to a particular problem that causes you to lose libido, you will have won ultimately, and your libido will return to normal.

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