Types of LPVO Scope Reviews: A Guide

As we’re proceeding towards a modern age, each and everything now comes with an option of a modification and customization. As a rifle consists of many parts, many professional shooters customize their rifles to make them look attractive and eye-catching to other shooters. One of the things that helps a rifle to stand out from other firearms is the scope mounted on it.

Low Power Variable Optics is a popular gadget among professionals and relatively common when it comes to increasing your aim assistance and precision. These scopes provide users with the ability to adjust the amount of magnification needed to view and hit their subject accurately. Normally you’ll find LPVO scopes  being used in AR-15 rifles, but these scopes can be mounted on other kinds of rifles as well.

As LPVO scopes come in a wide range of magnification options, you can view your favorite LPVO sights on LPVO scopes review. Following are the some types of magnification you can use for your desired rifle.

4X magnification

Being light in weight and compact in size, the scopes with 1-4x magnification offer great portability options and thus are believed the most used scope in a shooting range right now. 

By offering a 1x scope magnification, this scope has the same functions and features that is provided by a red dot sight . To increase its functionality and user control, these scopes offer a further extension of magnification upto 4x to ensure that you don’t miss a single shot of yours.

Normally, these scopes can be used to serve in activities like a shooting championship or while hunting in a close range. These scopes enable you to take shots within a range of  5 yards to 500 yards.

What makes this scope a viable option is that the prize at which these scopes are available in the market lies within an average budget and it’s easy to mount this scope on the top of AR rifles.

6x magnification

These scopes are normally not widely used, but if you’re looking for accuracy, along with precision and scope speed, this type of scope can be a viable pick for you.

By a 6x magnification scope, you’ll receive wider modification options than a red dot sight and the best part is that they both have the same speed to operate while shooting.

One of the reasons these 1-6x magnifications are preferred by professional shooters over the red dot sights is that if these LPVO scopes are combined with the reticles, then a shooter finds zero difficulty while hitting targets at a longer end. What proves to be more essential is that these reticles don’t even need a battery to operate, and offers a long lasting and durable experience to the users.

8x Magnification

Since  the LPVO scopes are now being manufactured in a way that a shooter can have access to a higher magnification level on  an average AR rifle and this is the reason behind the uplift in demand of the LPVO scopes these days.

LPVO scopes with 1-8x scopes magnification is considered to be an extreme range of magnification and provides a shooter to hit their desired subject from a huge range up to  600 yards -1000 yards. This sight is supposed to be beneficial for the hunters who have to hunt down their target from a longer range.

Beside coming with a long shooting range, these scopes are easily compatible with other rifles and hence can be a good pick for you.

10x Magnification

Now with a LPVO scope of 10x magnification, competing with professional shooters is not a difficulty anymore. By providing extreme aim assistance and focused precision, this scope can do wonders.

The 10x scope is a relatively rare type of scope and is difficult to find. Majority of the need can be fulfilled with a 8x scope easily, that’s the reason behind the low production and manufacturing of these 10x scopes. 

However, this advancement into the world of weaponry will take a while to arrive because the optics companies will need to optimize their assembly technology and design to increase the magnification potential of the scopes to provide the users with ultimate and precise 1-10x magnification sights.

The LPVO shooting scopes are a right fit for the professional shooters who need to take clear and precise shots and also for shooters that need to take shots for as long as 1000 yards out.

This is the best 1-10x Magnification scope that you can consider buying.


These are the different kinds of best LPVO scopes. What makes these scopes better than the other scopes that these scopes consume less power than the other battery-powered scopes. Nevertheless, these scopes cannot still be used with long-shot rifles such as Sniper Rifles.

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