Translating Vietnamese to English- the Mistaken Beliefs

Learning English in Vietnam began in the 19th century when the country was still under French colonial rule. After the Geneva Treaty, It became a little more popular in the South but not so much in the North. The language experienced stagnant growth until 1986 when it became a Major foreign language in Vietnam.

Almost four decades later, learning English is still lagging in Vietnam. Of course, there is some form of growth, but not at the expected rate.

So, what is the Problem?

Different people have tried to come up with logical explanations as to why English is ineffective in Vietnam. The two most common reasons they give include

  • The teaching and learning method
  • The learning environment

Indeed, these are valid reasons, but that is not all there is to it. There is also the issue about the attitude of the Vietnamese people towards learning English.

Although the Vietnamese translation services have improved over time, most Vietnamese people are still unwilling to learn the English language. And if you ask them why that is, they come up with all sorts of answers to justify their actions. If you are keen enough, you will realize that these answers keep repeating, and somehow, they believe it. But it’s obvious they are lies; they are unrealistic and are misleading the Vietnamese people. These are the misconceptions of hiring Vietnamese to English translators, and it’s high time we address them.

If you are reading this article, you probably have developed an interest in the Vietnamese translation and is in a dilemma about what to do next. Read on to the end before you make any final decision.

Do not Believe the Lies You Hear.

If you are planning to hire professional Vietnamese to English translators, you are on the right path. You probably have heard lots of things trying to discourage you from it. Even if you haven’t, you will. Either way, do not believe them until you establish the truth first.

On that note, let’s clear the air by addressing the 5 of the most common lies you will hear about Vietnamese translation services.

They are Too Expensive to Hire

Well, if you hire anyone just because they are cheap, what do you expect? Saving your money is not bad but not at the expense of quality translation services. You might end up wasting your time, money, and energy. And as if that’s not enough, you will have to redo the process again.

What if you hire a professional translator the first time? You will only have to pay once, get what you are looking for and proceed to the next step. So let no one deceive you!

You Are Good As Long as You Can Communicate to People

English is one of the most important and the most popular language in the world. Considering that Vietnamese have an average English Proficiency level, their communication is not that bad, and they are comfortable with that. Anyone with ambition will not agree to settle for this; it is insufficient to push the limits further and expand the opportunities.

Anyone Can Translate So Long as They Are Bilingual

It’s one thing to communicate in a shop when buying something, and it’s entirely another thing to translate a vital business contract and any other technical document. With the latter, you cannot afford to make a mistake because it might be too costly. You do not want anyone to misunderstand, misquote, or even get offended in any way by your translation. Precision is your goal, and hiring a professional translator is the only way to achieve that.

If You are Not Sure Whether it’s Accurate, Leave it- It is Not Important.

If a language is foreign to you, there is no way of telling whether the translation is accurate by yourself. At this point, most people will choose to ignore the translation because it seems harmless. They forget that the translation message is for the target audience, not them. If it’s inaccurate, it is then misleading the recipients, and the outcome will be so different from what you expect.

So, if you are not sure whether your Vietnamese translation is accurate, hire a professional to confirm it for you.

Why Hire a Translator when You can Use a Software?

Thanks to technology, now we can enjoy using automated Vietnamese to English translators. They are fast, cheaper, and they can handle multiple translations. Using a program is convenient except for one thing; it’s not human. It cannot reason or understand, meaning it’s not as accurate as a human being in terms of culture and other various factors that may differ depending on the foreign language.


There are so many misconceptions about hiring Vietnamese to English translators. But these are the most common ones. Now that you have established the truth; let no one discourage you if you develop an interest in the language.

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