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QuickBooks is the most popular accounting software used by hundreds and thousands of individuals and companies, small and medium sizes. It has become a popular bookkeeping and accounting software around the globe, for offering ultimate payroll, taxation, and reporting solutions. Now, it has also been used by different companies and offices along with preferring file formats and extension too in it. There are not just one or two but many types of file extensions that are used by QuickBooks desktop. In this article, we will talk about the most commonly used type of file extension, so make sure you go through this entire post. These file extensions have their essential features and their functioning.

What is a File Extension in QuickBooks Services?

It is an extension that is used at the end of any file name and it defines the exact purpose of the file. Usually, you will notice that the file name is generally in the form of .xxx. This QB file extension will be of great help to the user in identifying the files and giving an indication of what purpose could the file serve. The QB file extension plays a very crucial role and it will also help 

you get rid of any mess related to the data.

The Significance of QB File Extension

  1. The different file extension serves different characteristics and has several purposes too.
  2. With it, it becomes easier for all users to determine the type of content available in that particular file
  3. Users can easily understand the type of file simply by looking at the file extension and then save their time too.
  4. With file extension, any user can verify the authentication of the data file simply in a manner to have secure use of it
  5. For having systematic and categorical accounting data, users can categorize the QuickBooks file extension in the accounting data and further prevent messing it up.
  6. With the right type of file being identified, Desktop can launch the file in the right application too.

5 Common types of File extension

Let us go through a list of the most commonly used file extension in QB: 

  1. QBW This file type is QB company file

As soon as the user creates a company file, the very first time you get a .qbw extension being automatically created by the QB accounting software. This file is created gives you all the information in one place related to the company file and other relevant information. To grasp it in a better way, let’s talk with an example. If you create any a company with the name ‘Our Company’ then for that matter the file for that will be saved as ‘Ourcompany.1bw’ by the QB accounting software for Desktop.

  1. QBM: This is for QuickBooks portable file

When talking about this extension, it is when a user tries to email or maybe transfer the company file, in that particular situation, the QB accounting software will automatically craft a file 

.qbm extension file. This means you get a new and compressed version of your QB company file through the software.

  1. QBO: This is for the QB bank statement file

As you move ahead with the downloading of the bank transaction, you will see your accounting software will open up the transaction from a file along with an extension too, that states as .qbo. This way, it can be easier for the user to make an import of a QBO file for getting the transaction into the bank register the smoothest possible way.

  1. QBB: This is for the QB backup file 

As soon as a user takes up a backup of the original version of the company file, the QuickBooks accounting software will automatically create a file extension QB, as a backup file. 

  1. DES: This is for the layout designer template file

If by any chance you try to export a customized form as a template, then you will notice the software creating a file with .des extension. The best part about QuickBooks is, you get to make use of unlimited types of the template and you may want to export your custom-made template to any other company file. Or in fact, you might also wish to share it with others, so this extension gives you clarity.

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Apart from this, there is another file extension too. One thing is pretty clear, the list of file extensions goes on as it is pretty long. Each playing a unique and significant role for business to streamline their accounting process easily. These most commonly used file extensions and how they are related will give you the clarity to handle your software swiftly. So, make sure that you can differentiate all sorts of QB file extensions and make great use of the software.

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