Tools for Tracking Remote Workforces Performance

Nowadays, almost every employee is working remotely, and employers are hiring a remote team. They keep an eye on remote employees through advanced monitoring technologies. Advanced tools help them perform multiple tasks like measuring activities, tracking keystrokes, and idle time primary platforms.

So, why does even monitoring software is important for the remote workforce? The monitoring software’s main function is to track core time clock-ins, clock-outs, scheduling, and managing workloads. Monitoring and tracking tools can also enforce their data security policies. Thus, there are multiple tools for tracking remote workforces’ performance, below are some trendy;

  1. Toggl

Toggle is a fine virtual software; it allows you to see whether your employees are working or not. With suitable plans and excellent features in Toggl, you can effectively assign a task, manage them, and track every individual employee’s working time.


  • The powerful browser extension can track time on more than hundreds of different tools.
  • Analyze time spent through the latest reporting features. You can export each report as CSV, XLS, or PDF file for convenient storage.
  • Easy access to timesheet management with detailed records.
  • Keyboard tracking helps you monitor remote worker’s activities.


  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Intuitive user-interface for easy onboarding procedure
  • Supports automatic time-tracking for loads of tools.


  • Doesn’t show sites your employees are browsing.
  • Limited starter plan.
  1. Rescue Time

Rescue Time is different from other time tracking applications also based on the web as an employee productivity platform. It runs in the background.


  • Track every remote worker’s time spent on a specific website or tool during work hours.
  • Allow you to block websites that you may consider a distraction. You can customize a list of distracting websites or non-productive websites.
  • Specify goals for productivity and deliver notifications if an employee is spending too much time on a specific task.
  • At the end of every week or month, this tool delivers a well-detailed report regarding performance and productivity. This report helps you improvise the level of productivity among each employee.


  • Zero complications and easy-to-use software.
  • The alarms and goals feature allows you to reach your desired goal for productivity.
  • Weekly updates via email regarding team member’s activity give you an insight into their productivity.
  • Block websites that are causing distractions easily. 


  • Cannot log both billable and non-billable hours separately. It will be difficult for you to provide accurate records to your clients.
  • Can’t track working hours on tasks and projects. It can only allow you to track time spent on a specific site or tool.
  • Not capable of creating an invoice.
  • You can’t operate this tool without the internet.
  1. Timely

Timely is an advanced software and ideal for remote team management tasks. Through Timely, you can see whether your remote employees are working or not. A unique feature in Timely allows you to categorize your time based on tools usage, tasks, and website access.


  • Time-tracking is strongly automated and capable of eliminating manual intervention whenever necessary.
  • You can easily capture billable activities through a well-detailed report and timesheet. It can also track any non-billable activities.
  • The advanced dashboard is available to help remote teams collaborate with activity feeds.


  • Capabilities of powerful automatic time-tracking
  • Allow you to capture data across mobile devices and websites with powerful data syncs for flexible work outlines.
  • Capable of generating well-advanced reporting.


  • Quite expensive as compared to other tools.
  • Limited features and their limitations are to their premium variants.
  • A difficult dashboard creates confusion at the starting working days.
  1. Timeneye

Timeneye is among the top-rate tracking software for remote workforce performance. This app is simple for a business or solopreneur; it makes their task tracking capability automatic.


  • Advanced automatic time-tracker allows you to measure employee’s productivity.
  • The calendar view is also available to track the progress of related projects easily.
  • Capability to track both billable and non-billable hours. When you track it separately, you’ll be able to categorize it easily too.
  • Well-detailed reports about each remote team member. It can track your team’s efficiency seamlessly.


  • For an easy and convenient onboarding process, it provides an easy-to-use interface.
  • With a calendar view, you can stay on top of projects quite easily.
  • Smart time-tracking features for better team management.


  • Can’t track time when offline
  • Not capable of providing invoices
  • Expensive for many employers
  1. ClickTime

ClockTime is another smart and efficient time-tracking software solution. It allows employers to manage their available resources and projects.


  • With ClockTime, you can create loads of reports to provide a clear picture of your remote workforce. You’ll be able to measure each employee’s productivity level, performance, and work allocation.
  • It also has a centralized dashboard which gives you a clear overlook of all the projects and their deadlines.
  • ClockTime’s most tremendous feature is its powerful browser app. It allows you to track time without exiting the webpage.


  • More than 80 different types of reports for thorough insights.
  • For advanced customization, you’ll get a custom API.
  • Keep up-to-date with support notifications of project progress.


  • Limited automation
  • Expensive for big teams
  • Complicated interface
  1. Harvest

For an organization, you must consider Harvest because it’s among the greatest time tracking solutions. It can handle loads of clients on a daily basis. Harvest can integrate seamlessly with all the billing processes, but how? Well, Harvest has an advanced invoicing capability.


  • You can easily create invoices from tracked processes and hours across multiple time zones through stripe or PayPal.
  • Syncs across devices automatically. It allows you to maintain flexible work patterns smoothly.
  • Multiple options for setting or adjusting billing rates. You can process and monitor tracking according to the project or client.


  • Endless lists of virtual integrations.
  • Capable of generating enterprise-level invoicing and billing seamlessly.
  • When it comes to the onboarding process, Harvest offers a streamlined interface which makes the onboarding process simpler.


  • Can’t get screenshots of any project progress.
  • You may report dealing a bit confusing.
  • Harvest is on the costlier side for many employers.

In Conclusion

When you hire dedicated remote team, you may require advanced tools and align them with your project/client’s requirements. Installing management and tracking tools can be a bit complicated and expensive for some organizations. So, how do you make things less confusing?

Hire Aspired! Here, you can hire dedicated remote team seamlessly and get their work aligned with advanced tools. takes care of all your remote workforce burden and reports you on a weekly or monthly basis. If you want to explore more about Aspired, visit their website and see their testimonials.

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