Stay Away From The Heatstroke This Summer

While summer is almost here, one should always look to keep things prepared as a head start. One should not forget that no matter how pleasant the beginning of summers looks, there are a lot of dangers involved with high temperatures where people just fell helpless with exhaustion and heatstroke.

The health during the summers dwindles a lot and once you have prolonged exposure to high temperatures, you will feel that your body is heating a lot followed by a heatstroke. It’s like a physical exertion in high temperatures and is counted as an emergency position medically. Our body faces heatstroke when suddenly the body temperatures hit the mark of 104 degrees or even higher. An individual facing heatstroke would experience common symptoms such as rapid breathing, confusion, racing heartbeat, altered speech, vomiting, and nausea among other symptoms.

Installing air conditioning Sydney becomes very important once the summer commences and with a serious condition of heatstroke, you would be looking to get medical attention otherwise the condition could turn into a bad event. However, there is one good thing you have with this and that heatstroke won’t come in silently, and often the condition is predictable and preventable.

Let’s look at some of the most effective steps you can focus on during the scorching heat of the summers:

1. Until or unless required, choose to wear loose-fitting with lightweight fabric. You don’t want to sweat it all out with excess clothing or the ones that fit tightly to your skin and don’t allow the free passage of sweat and not feel the coolness properly.

2. Keep your skin safe from sunburn while you are stepping out. once you get a sunburn, that part will lose the ability to cool itself, so ensure that your skin is protected once you are stepping out. The quick fix here will be a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses for UV protection, and a good sunscreen with an effective sun protection factor, or SPF where you should look for at least 30. Don’t shy away from using the sunscreen and keep applying a layer every two hours or more if you are swimming or sweating profusely.

3. Drinking your water full day long will keep you hydrated. With the hydration, your sweat cycle will remain on point and the body won’t lose the normal body temperature.

4. If you are taking any medication then it will certainly affect the way your body keeps the hydration levels and dissipate heat. Ensure that you know how certain medication is disturbing the hydration in your body and act accordingly.

5. One of the common causes of heat-related deaths seen in the last few years, especially with the pet or children is that they were left stranded in a parked car when their parents go grocery shopping. When you park your car directly in the sun or at the partial shade, the temperature in your car can go up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit or more than 6.7 degrees within 8-10 minutes. That is when things become extremely unsafe inside a parked during a warm or hot weather day. Don’t think that it cannot take place if you keep the windows a bit open or once the car is in shade. Do not leave anyone inside and also keep the door locked to let anyone come in.

6. Avoid going out once you see that the weather charts show it to be the hottest day. The best thing to do is stay at home and enjoy the cool air of ducted air conditioning Sydney and have some quality time with friends and family. If the situation doesn’t let you stay inside ensure that to face this hot weather, you are drinking enough fluid and taking a good amount of rest in shade. If the work consists of a lot of physical labor then try to keep the schedule revolving around early morning or evening.

7. Getting used to condition with limited exposure to the heat with work or exercise can help you to settle down a lot. Things might turn off very quickly to those who aren’t used to spend much time in the hot weather and they can face heat-related illness quickly.

8. Stay cautious if you think your body is at increased risk with the weather. You might be taking medication or have a condition that spiked up during summer. Try to avoid the heat at all costs and work quickly if you notice any symptoms of overheating. If your work or physical labor demands to be working in such a difficult situation ensure that medical attention is there to take care of you. You can consult them as soon as you face the following symptoms such as high body temperature, headache. Altered mental state or behavior, racing heart rate, alteration in sweating, rapid breathing, nausea, vomiting, and flushed skin.

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