QuickBooks Error Code 15106: Some ways to fix error

On the off chance that you have given your hands a shot refreshing the Quickbooks finance, you may have seen the basic Quickbooks error 15106. The error is incredibly normal and is a simple one to redress. 

So in the event that you were additionally hoping to settle this irritating error at whatever point you are attempting to refresh the finance, be with us until the finish of the article and tackle this all alone. 

What are the potential reasons for QuickBooks Error Code 15106? 

There are three potential reasons for the Error code 15106. View them and attempt to sort out what case you have stuck in. 

  • You don’t have the administrator authorizations or are not signed in as the administrator 
  • Your security framework setting isn’t permitting the updates 
  • UAC settings are empowered on your framework 

These are the three most regular motivations to get the QuickBooks Error code 15106. In this way, attempt to calculate what one of these cases is causing errors for you. 

Also, there are a few situations where Quickbooks settings are not designed as expected. 

Also, ensure that you are utilizing the refreshed Quickbooks and refreshed framework with legitimate settings that are intended for the faultless exhibition. 

Thus, try to check these, and afterward you can without much of a stretch move to the correct answer for the issue. By knowing the issue with your PC, you will actually want to deal with the issue well with the correct method to manage the issue. 

Step by step instructions to Fix QuickBooks Error 15106 

Here are a couple of steps that you can take a stab at on your own to tackle the Quickbooks error code 15106. View them and attempt them prior to reaching any master. 

There are acceptable possibilities that you will actually want to amend the issues with these basic and simple to follow steps. 

Stage 1: Switch to Admin account on your PC 

The most widely recognized issue that causes the Quickbooks error 15106 is the clients don’t utilize the head record to work the PC. 

This is a typical issue that causes the error 15106 as well as can be a purpose for various different errors during the Quickbooks activity. 

Along these lines, ensure that you are signed in as administrator, or have every one of the authorizations to utilize the framework with no limitations. 

These limitations may restrict your organization use and refreshing settings that you may have seen till now. 

Here are the straightforward ways that you can sign in as an administrator on the PC you are chipping away at. 

  • Open the beginning menu 
  • Right where you shut down the framework, you can see a bolt, click on that 
  • Snap on the Switch client 
  • Enter your administrator secret phrase and login to utilize the framework as the administrator 

Another easier method to utilize the Quickbooks as an administrator is recorded as follows 

Right snap on the Quickbooks Icon and afterward click on “Run as manager” 

Stage 2: The Antivirus program can be a significant justification stopping the payroll to update or refresh. 

Have a go at changing the settings, or briefly stop the administrations of the counter infection program. You can do this by shutting the antivirus infection program through the Windows Task Manager. 

  • Open the errand administrator by squeezing the key mix: Ctrl, Alt, and Delete. Snap on the Task Manager and you will actually want to open the errand administrator. 
  • Here, you need to look for the cycle identified with your antivirus. 
  • Murder every one of those cycles and afterward take a stab at refreshing the finance once more. 

Stage 3: Your Antivirus is obstructing QuickBooks to Update 

In the event that your antivirus has effectively hindered a few cycles of the Quickbooks, you should change the envelope subtleties of the Quickbooks to make it work appropriately once more. 

To do this- 

  • open the document wayfarer and follow the way 
  • C:\Program Files\Intuit\Quickbooks(year)\Components 
  • Right snap on downloadqb(year) and correct .old to the filename. 

Close the adventurer and revive the work area symbols. After this, you ought to have the option to refresh the finance without an issue. 

Stage 4: Updating UAC 

On the off chance that you can’t refresh the payrolls after the past advances, at that point the issue might be with your UAC settings. Here are the point by point steps to change the UAC settings. 

  • Open the Run order by squeezing Windows Key+ R 
  • Type Control Panel and snap on OK 
  • Explore to User Accounts and snap on discover the User accounts 
  • Snap on “Change User Account Control Settings” 
  • Move the slider till it comes to “Never Notify” and snap on OK. 
  • You may have to restart the PC to apply these settings. 
  • After your PC restarts, you would then be able to refresh the finance with no issues 

Stage 5: Try reinstalling the Quickbooks in protected mode 

In the event that you are as yet not ready to refresh the payrolls, have a go at reinstalling the Quickbooks. However, this time, attempt to do it in the specific startup mode. Explore to the System design menu by following the means recorded here 

  • Open Run order 
  • Type MSConfig and snap on OK 
  • Here, explore to the Services tab. Pick Hide all Microsoft Services 
  • Snap the checkbox to impair all the Microsoft administrations 
  • Snap on the restart to restart you PC with the progressions made in this progression 
  • Presently, after the restart, uninstall the PC and reinstall the new duplicate of Quickbooks.


Here you know about how to solve your Quickbooks Error 15106, hope these points help you in fixing your issue. But if you are still facing issues then you should contact QuickBooks helpline number here you will get full support from professionals to fix your issues.

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