Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering and Eating Italian Cuisines

The Italian people are so sensitive about the traditions that they don’t like that even the guests break them. They will make them understand the importance if they think that it is difficult to comprehend.

Even the Best Italian Restaurants in Los Angeles follow strict rules of serving the dishes in the right way.

What Importance Traditions Have?

Many people ask a question as to why traditions should be adopted and followed. First, you have to understand the true meaning of a tradition.

Traditions are cultural attitudes and beliefs that have passed on from one generation to the other. So when you follow a tradition you are focusing on the below-mentioned points.

  1. On several occasions, a person doesn’t know to which ethnic or religious group he/ she belongs to. This is very painful because you are not aware of your identity. But knowing the traditions that you know to which culture or religion you belong.
  2. Traditions are not something new or modern; they go back sometimes thousands of years back. In this way, you will be able to know where your roots lead to. In this way, you can order the right dishes from popular and Best Italian Restaurants in Los Angeles.
  3. The one main reason for the new generation to forget about their traditions is that they don’t know what happen in the past. They will not know what struggles their ancestor made to reach this point in history.
  4. In the busy world of today, people don’t have time to come together and sit to talk to each other. But when you follow the tradition of eating together then the whole family system will become stronger.

Avoiding Ordering and Eating Mistakes At Best Italian Restaurants in Los Angeles

But many times the people forget the traditions to follow and make mistakes when they are ordering and eating meals from places including Burrata House. So beware of the following mistakes that can ruin a great Italian meal.

Wrong Time for Ordering Coffee

In America coffee is taken at any time of the day, but if you do this in Italy or order from restaurants then it is the wrong time. In Italy, the only tie to drink coffee is in the morning with cakes or other light dolce.

Buy Pasta as a Side Dish

Pasta is a part of the main or second course; never make the blunder of ordering it as a side dish. You will find that many dishes are a part of an Italian meal plan. Antipasto and Contorno are the courses that can be considered as side dishes.

Combining Ketchup with Pasta

Ketchup is something that goes with all kinds of dishes, but not pasta made traditionally in Italian style is combined with ketchup. Many people think that ketchup is a sauce; it is true but this kind of sauce is never mixed with any kind of pasta.

Mixing Seafood Dishes with Cheese

Cheese can be sprinkled on and mixed with many dishes, but it is never combined with seafood. If you are ordering pasta dishes as well as antipasto; then keep them separately. Don’t combine the cheeses and seafood ever.

Drinking Sugary Beverages Along With Meals

When you take sweet drinks like sodas with your Italian meals; it will ruin the actual taste of the dishes that you organized for the guests. The best drinks to arrange for are wine, simple water, or beer.

Demand To Add Chicken with Pasta

Many kinds of ingredients are added to pasta to create unique dishes. But one form of meat that Italians avoid adding to their pasta is chicken. Chicken is served with vegetables and also alone but never with pasta.

Never Order Spaghetti with Meatballs

In many famous movies and cartoons, you must have seen that in an Italian restaurant the chef is serving meatballs with spaghetti. But this is the wrong serving and eating tradition that they are showing. Meatballs are served as a separate dish and not with spaghetti.

Requesting Pepperoni on Italian Pizza

The very Best Italian Restaurants in Los Angeles will never serve pizza that has pepperoni used as a topping. The use of pepperoni is an American tradition.

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