Know about Income Tax form, State taxes, and Annual Reports to file Income tax return

Declaring income tax in the US is called an Income Tax Return. You are obligated to notify the Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ) of all sources of income you derive from work, banking and other earnings. These amounts are required to be fully listed on the individual’s tax return ie you.

What is SSN?

SSA is the most important number of US citizens, with it you can apply for a passport, get married, pay personal income tax, open a bank account, get a driver’s license, get medical examination as well as perform tax refund procedures. On paper, your SSN is you.

Personal income tax is a tax that all US citizens of working age, immigrants and overseas students are required to pay according to US government regulations. And most of all, the personal income tax collection in the US is different from other countries that the total tax expense that the individual earns by month or year has been deducted from living expenses or other expenses. Other investments.

If you are a foreign student, please come to the office to manage the SSA ( Social Security Administration ) to ask the Social Security ( SSN ). The staff members will help you find the nearest office in your area.

If the business owner is hiring employees to work for the company or the business owner hires himself to be an employee, Employment Taxes and obtain an EIN number are required.

The government requires the following separate forms 

  • New employee hired to work: Form W-4 
  • Submit Form 941 quarterly or annual Form 944 if less than $ 2,500 in tax during the year. 
  • Submit Form 940 annually. 
  • Submit Form W-2 and W-3 annually. 
  • State and state taxes on expenses such as unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation.

Tax estimates 

If the business estimates that tax is more than 500 USD for the year, it is required to pay the estimated tax quarterly.

State taxes (including sales tax) 

Depending on the type of company, businesses are required to pay other taxes according to state and local regulations. Each state where the business does business (usually identified as having a physical address or ships goods from that location) will typically require the business to pay different taxes. These may be state corporate income tax, franchise tax, sales tax and other taxes (state employment taxes mentioned above if business is employed).

Annual reports 

Annual reports (sometimes referred to as franchise tax or other taxes) are address updates, business owners listings, etc., filed with the federal or state secretariat. state. In addition, business owners who are not residents or US citizens are subject to the following additional taxes:

• FEIN (Federal Tax identification Number) and ITIN (Personal Tax Identification Number): The type of business S- Corporation is not subject to income tax, instead the corporate tax obligation is transferred to each shareholder and each shareholder will be obliged to pay tax through their individual tax return, just obtain an ITIN number.

• Taxes in your home country: Some countries require tax in addition to the one you pay the US government. So please consult your local tax expert for exact details. 

For individuals/organizations wishing to start a company in the US, understanding the taxes in “the land of freedom” is essential. However, not all business owners are knowledgeable and quickly updated with tax changes. At this point, finding a business advisor with rich experience and the ability to quickly update the US tax situation is a more practical solution than ever.

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