Kiosks to Take Your Business Forward in These Covid Distancing Days

Business cannot do without human interaction. Communication is an integral part of a business, which helps in many ways to understand your potential customers. Take the case of a retail store. A customer walks in, browses shelves, possibly asks an attendant for help, picks products, and checks out at the POS counter. Retail sales are slow and profits are less which means you must control employee expenditure. You also have to consider the Covid-19 aspect. One way to control costs, stay corona-safe, and yet deliver an exemplary customer experience is to put in place an entire kiosk system with the help of experts in kiosk solution development. It will not only help in saving cost and completing the purchase but also helps in maintaining social distancing in pandemic like COVID.

Now, its vaccine comes in India but still people have a question in mind regarding Is Corona Vaccine safe to take or not?. As of now, prevention is better than cure and this kiskos software makes things easy through apps so people will not come in direct contact of anybody.

The kiosk and underlying apps

The standard imagery associated with kiosks is something that resembles an ATM machine. It allows customers to complete the basic task without seeking assistance from an employee. Kiosks in retail dispense products as we all know. Visit a library or museum or institution and you will find kiosks for information purposes. In the current business scenario, the world of kiosks includes laptops and tablets configured to work as kiosks with the help of kiosk application development. This would be your best way forward to introduce automation, reduce dependence on employees, keep them safe with distancing, and yet in no way hinder the customer experience. On the contrary, you can enhance it.

Kiosks made affordable

Just one kiosk will not do if you have a busy business environment like banks, restaurants and malls do. If you opt for the standard kiosk model it will be expensive. Instead, rope in specialists in Kiosk Solution Development and you can turn tablets or laptops into feature-rich, highly functional, and interactive kiosks. Kiosk application development delivers apps that work on tablets using Android or iOS platforms or on laptops using Windows platform.

  • This basic system can be further amplified with the addition of a credit/debit card reader, scanner for QR code, printer, and barcode reader. These work in tandem with the kiosk software provided by professionals in kiosk solution development.
  • RFID tags may become part of the kiosk chain, useful in retail shopping environments.
  • You can have speech input and traditional keyboard input too.

Tablets are cheap. You can easily buy and install a half dozen or more at various points in your retail mall or in banks or in your reception area or in restaurants.

Typical scenario

Now, let’s understand the subject matter in detail with a practical example. Take the case of a retail mall. A typical scenario:

Customers walk in. They have kiosks at the entrance to help them find various sections and to browse information about products. While they are at it the kiosk software, if properly designed, can make recommendations and offer deals to motivate buy decisions.

Customers walk to the appropriate sections, pick products, and access a nearby kiosk that reads barcodes on the product and presents a payment option. The customer pays and checks out. The software in the kiosk

At no point is there any need to interact with human beings. The kiosk  You save on personnel costs and assist customers in a simple and quick way. One person at the checkout counter can serve a limited number of people. A half dozen or more tablets converted into kiosks can serve more customers in less time. Plus, they take up less space, so why not opt for a smart option.

Now, let’s look at another scenario, how kiosks can transform business operations.

Switch the scenario to a restaurant:

Generally, in restaurants usually, there are many customers to handle at a time. But, let look into the scenario thoroughly.  A customer walks in. There are several tablet kiosks with restaurant kiosk software. While the customer waits for a table he can:

  • Use the kiosks to access the menu
  • View a video of the dish and know details about it
  • Check for the other details that help them to choose dishes and enjoy their visit
  • Make selections, place an order and sit back
  • The kiosk transmits such preferences to the cooking section
  • By the time customers sit at the table their ordered dishes are ready and delivered.
  • A bill is presented and the customer can make use of a tablet brought to his table by the waiter to make payment.
  • Alternatively, people can walk in, pick their selection, and place takeaway orders using the tablet kiosk.
  • Customers can leave behind feedbacks and testimonials, possibly being offered reward points in return.

In both cases, the kiosk software captures customer information, and then it can be used to send out offers and deals. It helps in making the process fast without acquiring employee costs. A one-time investment can work many times with kiosks in such a scenario.

In a third scenario, you have kiosk application development experts come up with a kiosk app that can be downloaded and used on mobile devices, making it easy for people to order from home.

Keep your employees safe by minimizing interaction with people. Kiosks help. Let them focus on more productive tasks by assigning routine tasks to the kiosk. They will do more for you when they are freed of routine tasks. The kiosk also helps you communicate better with customers and know their views.

Customers know that counter staff can be irritating or lack in knowledge and they can also be slow. Kiosks short-circuit all these deficiencies and allow faster, smoother, and better interaction as well as transactions. If it is information they want, the kiosk provides it without complaints. If they wish to say something frankly, the survey, polling, or feedback feature lets them do so. Buying is fast, no waiting in a queue.

Kiosks are the better way to take your business forward in this Covid decade. Explore possibilities with the help of professionals offering kiosk solution development. It is worth the investment.

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