Is Online Doctor Consultation Reliable?

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The ongoing COVID19 pandemic has led to extended stress, prolonged lockdowns and after effects, strict safety measures, and social distancing. These have disrupted all industry sectors across the world and healthcare is no exception. Prioritizing safety and personal hygiene so as to stay away from contracting the infection, while being able to address health problems is the challenge of the day. More and more people are avoiding visits to clinics and hospitals. Instead, they are looking for e-healthcare and online doctor consultation as efficient and reliable alternatives.

Coronavirus andonline doctor consultation

In the last one year online doctor consultation has proved to be invaluable modality and because so many people benefitted, both in private healthcare and via government portals there is much greater faith and buy-in for online consults. As a result both of these sectors are now promoting digital healthcare tools and online consultation as reliable means of healthcare support. It is important to note that the World Health Organization has also emphasised on online consultation and medicine technology as a first port of call, in order to check the virus spread.

Online doctor consultation is location agnostic

Online doctor consultation is also extremely effective for those living in rural areas where one has to travel overnight to reach specialist doctors or hospitals. Patients often skip treatment because of the burden of excessive travel. For all these challenges the most effective answer is online doctor consultation where you can consult a doctor even on the phone. With data now cheap and readily available even in remote areas, as government agencies offering this, online doctor consultation is fast becoming a valuable alternative in healthcare delivery. 

Acclaimed mode for years

With advancement of digital technologies online doctor consultation is fast becoming a well established reality. The concept of virtual healthcare is not new though. Since decades telemedicine has been used from primary healthcare to radiology, cardiology to orthopaedics.

Termed as the “third space of healthcare” Industry experts predict that online doctor consultation will soon prove to be a game changer in the healthcare domain.

Recognised as highly efficient alternative by doctors

Online medical care has exhibited distinct positive impacts on patient care and is largely being recognised as a highly competent alternative to face-to-face consults, particularly when in-person consultation is not readily available or is risky. 

Online doctor consultation for chronic diseases and routine check-ups or reporting is particularly effective as they do not necessarily require physical examination. Hence, for consulting a dietitian for your dietary requirements or a therapist for your anxiety and stress issues or any other medical practitioner for your non-life-threatening illnesses, online counselling either through a phone or video call from your home is a better and highly effective solution. 

Online doctor consultation is supported by critical care staff and specialists, who highly value a virtual meeting and its reliability for effective treatment and care.  Online doctor consultation is also highly reliable for its clarity of instructions which adds to the popularity of this model. Doctors now believe that consultant physicians create clear instructions to patients by means of e-prescription and text messages which make virtual-consultation mode further reliable and highly safe.

Quality medical care from experienced doctors 

Online consultation is worthy as it gives you the advantage of accessing quality medical care from consultant physicians from the comfort of your home making your lives more easy and convenient that too at an affordable cost.

Such consultations are also highly trustworthy as the portals have patient feedback options, so you have the advantage of checking on the reviews received by the doctors and consult one accordingly. There are a number of online doctor consultation websites and apps are available and DocGenie is a uniquely poised leader in this space. Here you can find the most experienced doctors who have 20-25 years of experience in their fields and are leading practitioners – thus reliable, safe, and sound in the advice they will give you. Our online doctor consultation facilitates medical care to all, regardless of geographical location. You can safely consult our doctors for a great number of ailments and diseases. Online doctor consultation or Telehealth programs at DocGenie will help you get in touch with experienced and highly successful doctors either through video or phone calls from the safety of your home. You can also do self-assessments for a variety of problems or order lab tests, which will be collected from your home. This in turn also considerably lessens your risk of catching Coronavirus.

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