If You Want To Eliminate Lack Of Exercise! Easy Exercise Method That You Can Do At Home


Maybe some people are worried because they feel that they are lacking in exercise and want to start exercising somehow but do not know what to start with.

You should be aware that if you suddenly start exercising with a heavy load to eliminate the lack of exercise, you may get injured unexpectedly.

What should I do to eliminate lack of exercise?

When resolving a lack of exercise, it is important to start with as simple an exercise as you can to avoid injury.

From here, let’s look at walking and jogging methods that are easy for people who lack exercise to start and methods for resolving lack of exercise that can be done while commuting.


It is recommended to start with walking to eliminate lack of exercise. Since there is no heavy load and no exercise equipment is required, you can get into the habit of moving your body.

When it comes to walking, don’t just walk, but be aware of fast walking and combine your arm swings.

Also, slow jogging is a relatively easy exercise method, so it is recommended for beginners.

Slow jogging, as the name implies, runs 1km in about 8 to 10 minutes by jogging at a slow pace.

The guideline for slow jogging pace is “the speed at which you can run while talking to your neighbors”, so it is also suitable for people who are not good at running at a fast pace.

As you become more accustomed to continuing these walking and slow jogging, gradually move on to jogging.

Walking and slow jogging are aerobic exercises and are said to lead to fat burning.

When migrating to jogging, be aware that you will get used to it to some extent and then speed up, and be careful not to start at an unreasonable pace from the beginning.

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What you can do during your commute

One of the methods is to incorporate exercise during the commuting time to solve the lack of exercise. Try to increase the amount of exercise, such as walking one station or using the stairs instead of the escalator.

It is also recommended to increase your walking speed and commute with an awareness of fast walking. Correct your posture, put a lot of effort into your abdomen, and walk with a wide stride.

In addition, standing on a commuter train without holding onto straps can be a core training exercise.

However, be careful not to get injured, such as doing it near a place where you can easily grasp it so that you do not fall.

The key to exercising during your commute time is to be aware of the muscles you use, not just walk. Start by being aware of your muscles, such as stretching your back when going up and down stairs or putting your abdominal muscles into force when walking. Cenforce 150 and Vilitra 40 ways to solve the ED problem.

How to solve lack of exercise at home

Eliminating lack of exercise can also be achieved by training at home. If it is indoors, it can be continued regardless of the environment, such as weather and seasons.

Start with stretching and simple strength training, and gradually connect to heavy exercise.

Easy training

There are several simple training methods you can do at home. Among them, “plank”, “squat”, and “push-up” are quick ways to solve the lack of exercise.


Plank is a training method that allows you to train a wide range of muscles related to the trunk, such as the back muscles, abdominal muscles, and gluteus maximus.

The point is to keep your head and feet in a straight line. It is also recommended to focus on your abdominal muscles and gluteus maximus.


Squat is a training method mainly aimed at training the quadriceps femoris and hamstrings on the thighs. It is also useful for hip up.

Squats can hurt your knees and lower back if not done in the correct posture. Therefore, if you are worried, it is recommended to start with a wall or chair as a support.

・ Push-up

Push-up is a so-called push-up, a training method to train upper body muscles such as arm muscles, pectoral muscles, and back muscles.

Towel stretch

Towel stretching is also recommended as a way to solve the lack of exercise at home. It is especially suitable for people who have many desk works and are suffering from stiff shoulders.

It helps to remove shoulder blades and stiff shoulders, and you can start anywhere with just one face towel, so feel free to take it in.

Radio gymnastics

Radio calisthenics is one of the ways to solve the lack of exercise. It is relatively easy for anyone to take in, and you can move your whole body and exercise indoors.

 It is also recommended as a preparatory exercise before other training because it can loosen muscles and improve blood circulation in a short time.

Regularly to eliminate lack of exercise

If you want to eliminate the lack of exercise, it is important to continue the regular exercise. Therefore, you should start with an exercise that you can continue, rather than overloading it.

Also, listening to your favorite music or going with your family and friends is recommended as a way to keep things going. It is also a great thought to set goals to stay motivated and reward yourself when you reach them.

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It is important to continue and prevent injuries in order to eliminate lack of exercise.

If you get injured, you will have to stop exercising, so be aware of the proper load and preparatory exercises.

Setting clear numerical goals, such as weight, body fat percentage, and a number of training sessions, will help you feel a sense of accomplishment and help you continue.

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