How to score high at the CFA level one exam?

Many people may be worried about whether they should study by themselves or attend a prep school in order to pass CFA Level 1. 

The point is that it is an advantage.

If you have never learned finance or accounting, or if you can do your best with friends, it is more efficient to choose a prep school, and you are busy with work and child-rearing, so it is difficult to attend lectures and take time together. I think that those who are self-taught are fine.

Level 1 study method-self-study materials

When you apply for the exam, you can get the official teaching materials (you can also choose e-books), but due to the large amount, most of the examinees purchase the teaching materials that summarize the main points called study notes separately.

I started by reading the CFA level 1 question paper and checking the important points of each subject in English. Even if there is a word that you do not understand, you do not go deep into it by examining the content, but the purpose is to grasp the important points of what is asked in each subject.

You can also achieve the same purpose by looking at CFA test series level 1 practice exams. When using Practice Exams, just put the answer aside and check what is being asked. If you write down only the keyword words on paper, you will notice that the same thing is being asked.

Mock test

One month before the exam, I took a mock exam and confirmed the time allocation for the day of the exam.

On the day of the exam, it is a physically demanding test that continues to solve problems for 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon with a lunch break in between. Also, since the range of questions does not change between the morning and the afternoon, it is not possible to switch heads and face the afternoon.

The mock exam is sponsored by the CFA test series, and I think it was a good opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the day and the difficulty of allocating time in a form close to the atmosphere of the actual exam.

There are many issues that can be resolved with a logic of rational even though the scoring percentage is as enough as 15%, so you become able to plan for good marks in less study time than in other subjects. In the exam, this situation has the biggest quantity of English sentences, however due to the nature of answering the execs and cons of conditions and movements in mild of expert ethics, the wide variety of query instances is limited, so repeating the workout routines will enhance the processing speed. 

These two topics are the fundamentals of securities analysis, and given that the questions are given with excessive rankings in Level II and III, I absolutely choose to use them as a rating supply at the Level I stage. It is additionally characterised via having fewer memorization gadgets than different subjects, and it is a difficulty the place you can earn factors with the aid of perception the mechanism of shares and bonds and the comparison method. 

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