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How to get a license for a beauty salon in Dubai

In the land of Dubai, where big markets tend to global companies and professional businessmen play the fortune’s roulette in prosperous capital gains, small businessmen and entrepreneurs often fear their involvement’s worth. If you are someone who faces the same fears and happen to be a professional and worthy beautician and/or hairstylist, then this article is for you. Opening a beauty salon in Dubai is one of the most cost worthy options for individuals and small companies looking to make their first step into doing business in one of the wealthiest cities in the world. 

Different Types of Licenses

This article will not entail the different types of licenses made available by the government of Dubai for opening beauty salons but will also lead you through the process of procuring it through legal protocols necessary. 

Let’s move forward and get to know more about the types of licenses available for beginning a beauty salon in Dubai

First and foremost, there comes a minor legality for firms and entrepreneurs involved in the business of hairdressing and other body-wellness treatments looking to open a beauty salon in Dubai, which is for the owner to have doors that open on the inside unlocked, while a front bearing glass is mandatory to be installed for customers to be able to have a clean view of the salon at all times. 

Meanwhile, additional approval is required for beginning a men’s salon that is to be procured from the Dubai Municipality, Department of Health and Public Safety, atop the legal approval to open a women’s salon. But in case of procuring a legal license for a women’s salon, additional approval is needed from the Department of Economic Development as well. 


Now, the approval is provided based on a series of requirements that are needed to be fulfilled by the business outlet, in this case, a salon. The requirements to therefore procure the legal license before opening a salon in Dubai are as follows- 

-An inspection is conducted by the Dubai Municipality, within the premises of the salon and will thereby ensure that the salon follows the standard guidelines pertaining to public safety and hygiene control. 

-The Dubai Municipality will also provide a mandatory approval of the location of the beauty salon for which the aforementioned points should be adhered to- 

  • A signboard placed in front of the beauty salon.
  • Ample ambient lighting and clean furniture.
  • A separate room is to be maintained for cosmetic treatments such as, pedicure, manicure, hair removing, and henna designing.
  • A wash basin to be installed near the area for facial treatments.
  • The cosmetics and beauty products used for hair removal should be fire-proof and non-allergic to general skin types.
  • Mandatory presence of water heaters.

Adhering to these leads to a speedy approval from the Dubai Municipality’s end and a quick step into the market, where the salons can build upon the quality of their service as well as the customer’s trust. 

Moving on, let’s talk about the procedure to register a salon in Dubai mainland and clear of the minor nitty-gritties that might be troubling a potential entrepreneur looking to open a salon in Dubai. 

Procedure for registering a license

The procedure for registering a license for Beauty salon in Dubai is quite similar to the processes of procuring other licenses in Dubai and the steps to that are as follows-

  • Attain a Trade Name Reservation, i.e. choosing a business name based on which legal approaches will be made,
  • Next is to choose a Local Partner, who will act as an aid in conducting and ratifying all the necessary legal processes in Dubai, 
  • Next up, choose a profitable location to place your salon shop and get necessary approval from the Dubai Municipality. 
  • Once that’s taken care of, the partners will head to the court to make a legal agreement and submit necessary document to the Department of Economic Development, while paying a nominal Trade License Fee. This will lead to the issuing of the trade license. 
  • Lastly, procure establishment cards from the immigration department and Ministry of Labour so that you can quickly begin hiring your work force that will run your business, while you enjoy the profits from the comfort of your home in your foreign country. 


Needless to state, that a well cared look and a tidy haircut are essential features of any well-to-do individual of any society, more so in a city like Dubai that’s always teeming with individuals from the highest strata of the society. A lot of businessmen take it as a chance to make the basis for a profitable business management by opening a beauty salon in Dubai. And it doesn’t come as a surprise that a lot of businessmen want to take up the business of ladies salons in Dubai. This call-on service is always in high customer stipulations irrespective of any geographical location or social status. Moreover, this business of beauty salons in Dubai is built on people’s day-to-day necessities and so there are rare chances for you to go bankrupt.

Still not sure how to go about it? You can always get help from a consultant who is accustomed to a company set up in Dubai. We at SHURAA BUSINESS SETUP not only offer to answer your questions about starting a beauty salon in Dubai but also help you get through it. Our staff will study your requirements and cater to your needs. We even provide services that can assist you in having your business grow further. Contact us today, even if it’s for a bit of friendly advice on +97144081900 or WhatsApp on +971507775554. You can also drop an email on [email protected] or login into SHURAA.

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