How to care your Precious Jewellery?

Is there valuable jewellery in your closet and you don’t know how to care for it? You can buy ethnic necklace set online but pick up the best care tips from the Jewellery Care Guide.

Gold jewellery

Gold jewellery can be cleaned with a special gold cleaner available from jewelers. Otherwise, the gold jewellery can be washed with water and dishwashing detergent and a small brush. The spring locks on the chains should not be soaked in water, as the spring inside the lock may become loose.


Silver is cleaned with a silver cleaning cloth if they are only slightly darkened. Severe darkening can be cleaned with silver cleaning paste. The paste should not be brushed very much so as not to remove oxidation from the jewellery. Apply the cleaning paste to a clean soft piece of cloth and wipe the jewellery with it. Then rub the jewellery clean and wash with water and a mild dishwashing detergent to prevent the cleaner from getting dirty on the clothes. The chains are cleaned as well. We do not recommend liquid silver cleaners for oxidized jewellery.

Do not rub the stones in the jewellery with the cleaner.

Bronze jewellery

Without cessation, the bronze jewellery will darken and may leave a dark color on the skin or on sensitive light materials. The lacquer surface may also be damaged by perfume, hair spray, etc. The use of jewellery in a sauna, chlorinated or salt water should also be avoided.

Worn items as well as silver jewellery can be polished with a cleaning cloth or silver cleaning cloths from jewelers. After cleaning the cloth, it would be a good idea to wash the jewellery in mild soapy water.

Pearls or Beads

Sweating and cosmetic products can be fatal to pearls present in imitation bajuband online. Therefore, the beads should be wiped after each use with a clean, soft cloth, such as flannel. It is recommended to clean the beads from time to time with a special bead cleaner, but preferably in conjunction with braiding.

The pearl thread is also exposed to cosmetics, sweating and other contaminants. In use, the thread often stretches and weakens. It is therefore appropriate to review it from time to time and to re-thread it if necessary. At the same time, you can ask the jeweler to check the security of the lock.

As the surface of the bead may be damaged by sharp bumps, it is advisable to store and use them separately from other jewellery. It is recommended to keep the pearl necklace in a velvet jewellery box or silk bag.

Matte rings

Stainless steel Matte Rings are known for not discolouring with normal use. It is a beautiful and durable material that lasts a very long time. You will therefore find a lot of stainless steel rings in collection. In velvet-like matt gold rings, the shiny matt surface can be restored for a fee and the surface of the ring can be restored to like new. The new surface treatment of the artificial gold ring will be completed in a week.

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