How I changed my Facebook Business Page Name

I began a Facebook page for my business numerous years back. I had burned through large number of dollars running advertisement crusades and acquiring likes. My business was important for an overall establishment, so I was utilizing their image in my Facebook Page Name (which I suggest you don’t do, I discovered it very well may be difficult to change!). 

When stretching out all alone, I needed to keep the page, and the great many devotees I had acquired through my missions and long periods of maintaining my business. I figured it would be straightforward enough, adhere to the Facebook Help directions and just solicitation a name change. 

Here are the directions on Facebook to change your page name. 

How would I change my Page’s name? 

You should be an administrator to demand a change to your Page’s name. 

To demand a change to your Page’s name: 

  • Snap About on the left half of your Page 
  • Snap Edit Page Info 
  • Enter another Page name and snap Save Changes 
  • Audit your solicitation and snap Request Change 

Appears to be sufficiently basic, isn’t that so? 

I before long discovered… not all that basic! 

Each time I mentioned another name, it would be dismissed. After 3 endeavors I chose to contact my organization of experts in the computerized showcasing/web space and even they didn’t know what to do. Facebook makes it amazingly difficult to change your page name, and significantly harder to contact somebody to discover why! 

I went to Google for answers and I discovered a wide range of information on the web… 

In the e-web advertising blog they say; 

Tragically it’s not as straightforward as that. Indeed, for those of us with more than 200 ‘likes’, changing your Facebook Page name is certainly not a simple assignment. The Facebook Help Center doesn’t give a lot of help either, with the lone response to changing your name being that, all things considered, you can’t. This is unmistakably a major issue for organizations that have invested energy and exertion constructing their fan base. For sure, numerous organizations I have addressed have needed to make an altogether new page without any preparation and keeping in mind that they can request that current fans ‘like’ the new page, the change pace of an endeavor, for example, that is thin

It’s simpler than you might suspect 

Refreshing data on your Twitter and Facebook page is for the most part beautiful simple

just to be disillusioned as a read on that this individual didn’t have the mystery recipe all things considered! 

Changing your business name on your Facebook page normally requires endorsement from Facebook before it can produce results. Your case might be denied if the proposed new name isn’t sufficiently close to the current name or disregards any of their page rules. On the off chance that your Facebook page has not been utilized and has not many preferences, the simplest thing might be to make another page with the new name. Nonetheless, this is never suggested for dynamic pages with a lot of preferences and commitment. 

For more data on the best way to change your page name, look at Facebook customer service

Well that was frustrating! 

I had surrendered to the way that they were not going to allow me to change the name of my page and I chose to simply begin once again. I set up another Facebook Page utilizing my new organization name, it was baffling yet I didn’t think I had some other alternatives. 

A Breakthrough! 

Despite the fact that I had just set up another page and I was moving my adherents from my old Facebook page to my new Facebook page admirably well (difficult). I concluded it was as yet advantageous to attempt to work out how to change the name of my past page, as I could in any case profit by the long stretches of difficult work, also the cash I had spent acquiring likes. 

I’m not one to surrender effectively so I began accomplishing more exploration, I even reached other Facebook page proprietors that had effectively changed their name, just to discover that they had experienced a long time of dismissal and had no ‘mystery equation’. It recently appeared to be that they lucked it!

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