Google Certification Courses That You Must Not Miss Out!

With the whole world seeing a shift to online platforms from arts to business to marketing, certificate courses have become the most convenient way to improve your skills and resume. A highly interconnected, globalised, and digitised world, has made it necessary for people to keep up with the new trends. The COVID-19 pandemics has encouraged even more people to take up online courses from the comfort of their home. Many servers, websites, and platforms have opened up different courses for people to choose from. Google certification courses are one example. Google online courses offer a wide variety of courses to choose from, including digital marketing courses, google cloud, analytics etc. With coming years, these courses would inevitably gain more and more traction online.

Google digital garage

Google digital garage is an online portal developed by Google with 100 google certification courses for people to choose from. These courses span over flexible hours and timings according to the convenience of the people. Some features of these programs are –

  1. You can access them anywhere and at any time.
  2. Assignments, tests, and reports solidifying your learning.
  3. Self-paced learning makes attempting the courses more convenient.

Given below is a Google courses list. This list includes all the major Google certification courses that are very popular throughout the world today.

  • Google Analytics for beginners

This course is structured in a way, to help people understand the analytics of e-commerce websites and other online ventures. Anyone, from beginners to advanced professionals, can take this course according to its different levels available. Some prominent features of this course are –

  1. The entire course can be completed within 5 hours.
  2. You get a certificate upon completion of the course to add to your resume. However, you need to have scored at least 80 % in the entire course to get a certificate.
  3. You can track your progress through the progress tracker present in your profile.
  4. The course is free of cost.
  • Advanced Google Analytics

This course is for advanced professionals to learn and gain experience. This course will teach people about huge-scale data collection and other analytical techniques used by Google itself. Course takers will be trained about tools like Cohort and Benchmarking and how to utilise them effectively. Given below are some features of this course –

  1. Course takers will be taught about documentation and how to make custom reports.
  2. Course takers will be taught everything to make them eligible for the Google Analytics IQ exam.
  3. Assignments and regular tests to ensure complete learning of all concepts.
  4. You can complete this course in under 6 hours.
  5. Course takers will be provided with all the tools used by Google to give a first- hand experience of what is being taught.
  6. The course is free of cost.
  • Get started with campaign manager

This course is made for people interested in digital marketing and tracking and analysing large campaigns’ progress. A skill shop originally started this course. A campaign manager is an online tool which is aimed at advertisement management. It is generally used to monitor the traffic, verification and reporting of your advertisements and ad campaigns. The entire course is free of cost.

  • Fundamentals of digital marketing

This course targets both beginners, intermediates, and advanced professionals looking to solidify their digital marketing fundamentals. The demand for this digital marketing course has been growing consistently for a few years now. Given below are the features of this program –

  1. There are 26 modules in this program for the students to complete.
  2. The course ranges over 40 hours.
  3. The course is based on a self-paced learning model with unlimited access.
  4. The course materials contain videos as well as readings.
  5. The course is free of cost.
  • Understand the basics of code –

Coding has become very popular in recent years. From children to adults, all people want to learn to code and build successful apps. It is a short course which gives you an introduction to the fundamentals of coding.

Given below are the various features of this course –

  1. It is a short duration course.
  2. The whole course can be completed within one hour and contains only one module.
  3. The course provides easy- to- implement tips to give you a head start on coding.
  4. The course can be accessed from any device and at any time.

The course is free of cost.

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