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Common Garage Door Problems & What To Do About Them

A garage door in your house is one of those fixtures that you do not put much thought into as long as it is working. But the moment it goes out of order, you need to resolve the issue as soon as possible for seamless mobility.

The technology has evolved much in the past and the life span for a garage door and its components are much high. Still, no matter the quality of the parts or the standing of a brand, it breaks and needs immediate assistance from a professional.

Depending on the type, size, make, and mechanism of the garage door, there are a number of problems your garage door can face, either due to mishandling or just the age catching up with it.

In this post, we are going to discuss common garage door problems at length. We will also explore various routes to get those issues resolved, whether you are better off going the DIY route, or hiring a professional technician would be your best bet.

Common Garage Door Problems:

●       Malfunctioning Automatic Garage Door Opener

Although it may just seem like a big chunk of metal or hardwood, there is a lot of high-tech sensors installed in a garage door that help it function properly. The automatic garage door opener is an integral part of the whole that helps the structure go up and down on command.

After some time, door openers need syncing and calibration, even with normal usage. For instance, the sensors are set to keep the door closed when it hits the ground. But when the opener settings are off, it will reopen the door translating the information to be hitting an object and not reaching the closing end. For smooth functioning, you can hire garage door motor repair. They have the expertise and tools to make sure your garage door opener works just fine.

●       Broken Sticking Rollers

The garage door runs up and down on rollers that help the movement of the door. When sticking rollers are out of order, they will make the door come off its tracks. This is the worst-case scenario. In case of impending doom of rollers, they will make the movement of the door noisy which is a precursor for owners to get professional help.

In case the door comes off its track, it is best to call technicians instead of going at it yourself. It is because you can hurt yourself or further the damage to cables and springs.

●       Torn Cables

Cables put up with a lot of force and pressure in their work and may experience wear and tear with the passage of time, or with misguided usage. You can detect cable-related problems in your garage door if you notice that one side of the door is heavier or angled with respect to the other. This happens when cables on one side of the door are broken or loosened.

In case of torn cables on both sides of the garage door, the door will fall down in the open position. This poses a serious safety risk to you and your loved ones. If you notice any distortion in the position of the door or experience noisy movement, connect with garage door broken cable repair.

●       Broken Springs

Springs in the garage doors are installed to move it up and down with ease. But the number of revolutions is for a set number of times. After that, they can cause problems in the movement of the door.

When a garage door spring gives up, it makes a loud noise, like a bang. In such cases, it is best to leave the door be because it can cause serious injury to the user because the door can snap off the rails and fall on the ground.

How To Resolve Common Garage Door Problems?

After discussing common garage door problems, it is time to address the elephant in the room, I-e., whether we should hire a pro for the job or go the DIY route and help it ourselves.

In my opinion, calling the cavalry is the best option and these are the reasons to support my argument.

Personal Safety

For every technical issue, garage door-related or not, it is always in the best interest of a consumer to seek professional help to ensure personal safety and avoiding exacerbating the situation.

A garage door is a mammoth of a structure. It is not possible for a person to open it manually without assistance, let alone carry it or endure its weight. Also, you can never be sure about the worth of repair that you do on your own. It can fail when the door is in motion or when someone is standing under it.

The evidence shows that tinkering with a broken garage door without proper tools and expertise can cause severe personal damage.

Lack Of Tools & Parts

Garage door parts are not easy to come by. Professional companies are always in contact with suppliers to procure different parts for their clients. In case you have a spare part lying around in your house, you still lack specialized gadgetry to remove the older part and install the new part in its place.

A professional garage door company has trained and qualified technicians with experience in dealing with all kinds of garage doors. They are in a much better position to do the heavy lifting for you.

Lifespan Of Door

You can seriously hamper the lifespan of the garage door because of a lack of thorough knowledge. You may set one thing on the right track while several on the faulty one. This will lead to a plethora of issues in the near future. To avoid inconvenience and injury for the foreseeable future, hiring a professional is the key. After going through this post, you can preempt the common problems in the garage doors and hire a professional to deal with them before they realize. This will save you from dealing with an actually broken garage door.

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