Born of the Goddess Kaalaratri

The Festival of the Navratri consist of nine Glorious night’s. These Glorious nights put the different spark of life in the people of the Gujarat. Because, the people of Gujrat celebrates as the most spectacular day’s of their life. Since, it is the same as the other festivals but it miraculously impact on the life of people and inlay a different spark of life in the people. Because the story of all nine nights and all show’s the different way of living the life. The people who is totally disturbed and lost in the race of life also gets some type of enthusiasm and he also tries to fight with the problems of life again. Due to this reason many people from different corner visit to India in this span so they can also get some sort of solutions of their problems of the life.

Now the story of the seventh day of the Navratri in which the Goddess Kaalaratri is being worshiped is are as follows :-

On the seventh day of the Navratri the avtar Kaalaratri is being worshiped of the Goddess Durga. And this Goddess is also known as Goddess of Auspiciousness and courage. Once upon A time there was two demons called Shumbha and Nishumbha whose brother was Namuchi who was being killed by the Lord indra, Shumbha and Nismbha was very angry about this and they decided to attack the God’s and to take the revenge for the death their brother then three demons called Chanda, Munda and Raktabeej who the friend’s of Mahisha asura before Goddess Katyayani killed him had joined hands with Shumbha and Nishumbha. Together they had attacked the God’s defeated them and started to rule over the three worlds. The God’s asked Goddess Shakti to help and Goddess Shakti took the avtar of Goddess called Kaushiki who was the same as Parvati. Then Goddess Kaushiki invited the Demon Shumbha to defeat her if he wanted to marry her.  So, the army of Shumba led to the battle field to fight with the Goddess Kaushiki. The Goddess was able to kill some demons with only casting of the anger glance. But, some demons were more powerfull like Chanda, Munda and the Demon called Ruru. In order to help her to fight with these demons the Goddess Kaushiki created another Goddess with their fore head this goddess was dark in colour her body was drenched in blood and she was wearing the garland of skulls around her neck. This Goddess was Kali or Kaalaratri. The Kali means the “Dark one” and ratri means “The death of time”. So, the Goddess Kaalaratri begins to fight with the goddess Kaushiki. Ruru attacked the Goddess Kaalaratri but the Goddess Kaalaratri was able to kill Ruru very easily. Once the Ruru was dead Kaalaratri pursue to the Chanda and Munda who fled from the battle field, Kaalaratri followed them and eventually killed them she cuttoff their heads and the Goddess wear this two heads as their Hair dresses this form of the Goddess adorned with the head of Chanda and Munda called as Chamunda. Kaalaratri started to fight with all the other demons and Kaushiki persued to kill the Demon Raktabeej. Raktabeej was exceptionally strong and he consisted the special boon that the each droplet of his blood fell on the ground will create a new demon like him. Every time Goddess Pierced him the droplet of his blood fell on the ground and the new demon same like him emerges in order to kill him The Goddess Kaushiki taken the help of Goddess Kaalaratri to kill him every time the Goddess Kaushiki pierced him with her trident and his blood begin to fall at that time the Goddess Kaalaratri drinks his blood and by this way both Goddess toghter killed Demon Raktabeej and eventually they also killed the Shumba and Nishumbha eventually without the help of the Goddess Kaalaratri it would have difficult to kill Raktbeej. She is the fearless and violent form of Goddess.

If you feel interested in this story and want to know more about this avtar of Goddess then you should immediately contact the Jyotish in Surat because he is the expert in this whole katha’s and puja’s.

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