A Tour To Montreal To Rejuvenate Your Spirit

I had always wanted to immerse myself into the sheer beauty of Canada, wanted to explore every nook and corner of the wonderful country, however, being a sales-manager in an MNC, i was really short on time. Well, the opportunity to visit Canada presented itself when a friend of mine decided to get married in Montreal – the second most populous city of Canada. It was time to take a plunge on the opportunity  and I decided to spend a week-long getaway in Montreal.

Well, the thought of attending the marriage and exploring Montreal echoed in my mind, trust me, I had no idea about the airlines flying to Montreal. That’s when I came across Turkish Airlines who instantly came to my rescue. In a matter of time, Turkish Airlines Montreal Flight was booked at the most affordable price. What else does one want? 

I started packing my clothes, gathered all the essential items and stashed them inside the backpack. My flight was scheduled for the next day and I rushed to the stores to pick up the items I needed during my stay in Montreal. The next morning, I rushed to the airport to catch my flight and without any hassle, I boarded the plane. After traveling for 2 hours, I reached  Montreal. The city was bustling with a flock of tourists and the city turned out to be exotic than I had imagined. I had booked a cab and hurried back to the hotel to get ready for the marriage.

Major Tourist Attractions In Montreal

The Canadian City – Montreal is a popular tourist spot in the world. Brimming with a flock of tourists, Big Skyscrapers, and the wonders of nature, Montreal is the place that has its own vibe to offer a lifetime of experience to travelers. 

  • Old Montreal – For a number of good reasons, Old Montreal is one of the major travel destinations of the city. Take a stroll through the place and you will find an array of restaurants, lively cafes, boutiques, and get to experience amazing nightlife. Popular destinations such as Town Hall, and Old Port are situated there to keep you thrilled throughout your stay in Montreal.
  • Museum Of Fine Arts – The historical collections, arts and painting drive me mad and I am always excited about taking a glance on International works. So, if you are anything like me, make sure to visit the museum of Fine Art. Museum Of Fine Arts has an assortment of impressive arts and works of renowned artists. So, let your eyes feast on impressive art collections by visiting the Museum of Fine Art. From paintings to incredible furniture pieces, the Museum of Fine Arts has a fantastic collection to take you aback.
  • Sainte Catherine Street –.No trip to Montreal is complete without visiting Sainte Catherine Street.  The major shopping destination of Montreal – Sainte Catherine Street is bustling with high-end designer stores, local boutiques to satiate your craving for shopping. Walk in the street and it will offer you a unique vibe that is incomparable with any other destination. Bustling with Restaurants, Bars, and cafes, the Sainte Catherine Street is the place to enjoy lavish delicacies.

Well, these were the major popular destinations that I visited during my stay in Montreal. The trip to Montreal might be unexpected and sudden, it gave me an opportunity to rediscover myself. Every minute I spent there was a pleasure and I wish if I could stay there for more days. The spectacular views, the gastronomical delicacies, interacting with local people were what I needed to escape the mundane routine of my life.

It was time to head back to the USA – my hometown to go back to normal life. To book my flight tickets to Montreal, I dialledTurkish Airlines Montreal Phone Number +1-866-805-9643. Well, it has been more than a week since I returned and I still feel nostalgic about my trip to Montreal. Chief Seattle has rightly quoted – “Take only Memories, leave only footprints”

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