6 Places For Nature Lovers To Explore In Mumbai

As one of the largest metropolitan cities in India, Mumbai isn’t a place that most people would associate with nature. Cities in India have a very bad reputation and for a good reason. It would be wrong to completely deny that Indian cities can be quite crowded and polluted. However, it would then also be unfair to say that Indian cities have nothing more to offer. Mumbai, for starters, is one city that has managed to preserve its natural beauty, despite all the construction that has taken place in recent years. Mumbai is an important Indian city, and there has been quite a bit of development here due to that factor.

The natural side of Mumbai is something you need to explore when you book NYC to Mumbai flights or JFK to Mumbai flights. Wherever you choose to fly from, Mumbai is the perfect holiday destination, waiting for you. Once you are done navigating the chaos of the city, you can easily get away from the hustle and bustle and escape into the wilderness. However, as a tourist, it might be hard for you to find some of the best spots in the city that are close to nature. So, here is a list of some of the places that you can visit when you feel like being closer to nature.

  • Bannganga: Dating all the way back to 1120 AD, the tank that is located here has an interesting mythological story attached to it. The story goes that, once when Lord Ram felt thirsty, his younger brother Laxman shot an arrow into the ground. A tributary of the holy river Ganga then appeared at the spot where the arrow was shot. The name Bannganga is made up of two words, ‘bann’ and ‘Ganga’. While the word ‘bann’ means an arrow, ‘Ganga” is the holy river worshipped by Hindus in India. This place not only has a fascinating origin story, but it is also a very popular spot among the filmmakers in the city.

  • Sassoon Docks: As Mumbai is a coastal city, there are several spots along the coast that offer a breathtaking view. The Sassoon Docks is one such place along the coast of Mumbai, and it was built in the year 1875. As this is a famous tourist attraction, it would be great if you can visit this place at a time, when it is not crowded with people. This area is surrounded by fish markets, and you also get a view of the fishing nets here. Here, you can enjoy a beautiful scene of the sea while also getting a closer look at the lives of the local fisherman. This place allows you to enjoy the fresh air of the sea and relax your eyes for a bit.

  • Pandavkada falls: This is a hidden gem on this list. Located in Khargar, Navi Mumbai, these falls are as close as you can get to nature in this city. These falls are absolutely majestic in their beauty, and their charm is amplified when you visit this place during the monsoon season. As an added bonus, these falls are surrounded by Buddhist Caves and Khargar Hills. When you visit this spot, you can also enjoy trekking and explore the other attractions in the area. Planning a trip to Khargar is a time-consuming experience. So, you must be well prepared to spend at least a whole day here with your partner. Once you reach this place, you will feel as if you are far away from the city.

  • Dahanu Beach: the beaches in Mumbai are absolutely breathtaking, and they will take you closer to nature as well as yourself. The eye-pleasing scenery offered by the beaches in the city will inspire you and take away all the pent-up fatigue from work and daily life. The beach has lovely golden sand, and the surrounding area is also filled with a number of tourist attractions you can visit. This is also one of the places that have managed to avoid the public eye, so you can spend some fairly crowd-free time here.

  • Sewri Mangrove Park: Prepare to be left speechless when you visit this expanse of mangrove trees which is spread over an area of 15 acres. Despite the toll that pollution has taken over the environment in cities, Mumbai has somehow managed to safeguard the Sewri Mangrove Park. The flora and fauna that surround this park are unlike anything you can see in any other part of the city. The most exciting part is that you can also spot flamingoes here from time to time. Visiting this tourist spot is a must for all those looking to experience the beautiful and natural side of the city closely.

  • Gilbert Hill: It is almost impossible for most people to believe that there is a massive lava rock sitting in the middle of a city like Mumbai. Although Mumbai holds the title for one of the busiest cities in India, you can get away from all the noise at Gilbert Hill in Andheri. Gilbert Hill is about 200 ft tall and houses two temples at the top. This place has been a curious spot for travelers and geologists alike. This amazing place is surely worth at least one visit when you choose to fly from New York to Mumbai. This place is also a great spot to enjoy a good view. Make sure that Gilbert Hill is on your itinerary when you visit Mumbai.

These places offer you some of the most stunning scenery in the city and the surrounding areas. Whether you are flying from JFK to Mumbai or NYC to Mumbai, your idea of what Mumbai is like will forever be changed once you explore these locations. As Mumbai is a stunning city by itself, visiting these places will only add to the beauty. My Tickets To India can help you plan the perfect trip to Mumbai. So, you can stay close to nature and explore Mumbai at the same time. As the perfect booking partner, MyTicketsToIndia will take care of every aspect of making reservations for your trip.

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